In this day and age, it isn’t hard to believe that certain players retire at their peak. Earl Thomas may very well be the next player to do so.

Against the Carolina Panthers on Sunday night he collided with Kam Chancellor while trying to make a game-changing interception. Thomas had to be carted off of the field, and once he hit the locker room, he dropped a bombshell. The amount of truth in the tweet remains to be seen.

Ian Rapoport has reported that Thomas has a broken bone in his left leg, and if that is the case, he could be missing a lot of time during the Seahawk’s stretch run.

Though it is against league policy for anyone to tweet during the game, it seems pretty obvious that Thomas has other thoughts on his mind at the moment and doesn’t particularly care for the policy right now.

Only minutes later, however, he decided to have some fun during his time in the locker room, joking that Chancellor owes him a steak for breaking his leg.

If he is out for a longer than the season, Chancellor is going to owe him a lot more than a steak.

Here’s the play that injured Thomas:

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