Eli Manning

Eli Manning decided to go full-dad on a group of reporters on Wednesday, telling one of the daddiest dad jokes to ever dad.

The New York Daily News reports media asked the two-time Super Bowl winner on why the Vikings had his number throughout his career. Manning has posted a subpar 3-5 record versus Minnesota with only five touchdowns compared to 14 interceptions. Manning’s response was groan-inducing.

“I don’t think anybody, eh, I don’t think anybody has my phone number on the Vikings,” Manning deadpanned, looking at the floor to avoid eye-contact with laughing reporters, determined to drag out the joke. “Maybe (former Giant) Linval (Joseph), I’m not sure. I’m trying to think if I have anybody’s number. Maybe somebody I’m sure. I have (Vikings quarterback Sam) Bradford. I have his number. He’s got my number. Can’t think of anybody else’s off-hand, though. I’ll look through my phone and get back to you.”

Get it? Manning totally pranked those reporters by interpreting “numbers” differently. It’s a goof and a gaff from the New York Giants quarterback. While the joke registered a 3,049,534 of lameness on the joke Richter scale, Manning has proven he’s got comedic timing in the past, including a decent appearance (for an athlete) hosting Saturday Night Live in 2012.

Manning can only hope to be on the level of Norm Macdonald’s classic straight-to-the-point jokes. (NSFW)

At the very least, Manning deterred from the usual athlete speak by trying to be funny. Although, given his joke during this press conference, I’d almost rather he didn’t.

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