Eli Manning

Eli Manning spent his Friday going viral online after he took an epic drink from the Stanley Cup.

Manning, the former legendary New York Giants quarterback who toppled Tom Brady and the New England Patriots twice, sipped out of the Cup and posted a video of it online. Also featured in the video was former Stanley Cup Champion and former New York Ranger Brad Richards, who fed Manning the beer right out of the coveted trophy.

“Brad Richards feeding me a beer out of The Stanley Cup… just a normal Friday,” Manning tweeted.

Manning got down as Richards poured the Stanley Cup over for Manning to drink out of. Eli chugged the beer for about 15 seconds before he turned away and got up from his seat. The former quarterback seemed delighted with his choice and let out a “WOO!” after walking away.

The video went viral and was shown all over the Internet by Friday evening. B/R Open Ice were among those who commented on it as they proclaimed, “WHAT A SCENE!”

Additionally, one fan said, “You can take the man out of Ole Miss but you can’t take the Ole Miss out of the man” with a photo of Eli Manning and his reaction after finishing the drink out of the Cup.

“No spills,” the Giants pointed out with an emoji.

“No spills is insane no other QB could do this,” one Giants fan said. Much like no other QB could take down Brady in 2007, right?

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