Fox Sports’ Emmanuel Acho has made it clear that he’s no fan of Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Justin Herbert. Sunday, the Chargers made it clear they’re no fan of him either.

Sunday morning, Acho posted on social media that the Chargers had denied him a field pass for their game against the Miami Dolphins, leading to a very unfortunate rap about the situation.

Acho has been extremely critical of Los Angeles quarterback Justin Herbert. In mid-November, the Fox Sports host referred to the third-year NFL signal-caller as a “social media quarterback” who gets more hype than he deserves. The team had some fun pushing back on him about that.

More recently, Acho compared Herbert to a “bad bag of chips.”

“Justin Herbert has a whole bunch of statistics but they are empty,” said Acho. “It’s like when you get that bag of chips and you open it up and you realize that you paid $6.99 for a bag of chips but it’s half empty. Justin Herbert’s statistics are half-empty. All of these touchdown passes, what has it amounted to?”

Sunday’s game was expected to be Acho’s shining example of why he dislikes Herbert as the Dolphins featured quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, who was selected ahead of Herbert in the same draft class. This would be the proof Acho needed to assert that he was right about Herbert.

Acho, who did end up attending the game, albeit as a fan, got to see his whole theory go up in smoke as Tua struggled and Herbert led the Chargers to a 23-17 victory. The “social media quarterback” threw for 367 yards and a touchdown on 39-of-51 passing.

The end result had a lot of people looking in Acho’s direction to let him know that he might want to go ahead and follow up on that offer he made to retire now.

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