Ron Rivera Commanders Sergio Estrada-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Commanders made a big change this offseason, bringing in former Kansas City Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bienemy not just as an offensive coordinator, but as an assistant head coach. And it sounds like head coach Ron Rivera is giving Bienemy some extended responsibilities with that title.

Rivera explained that Bienemy has already made some changes to how the team runs their organized team activities given how he wants the team to learn the offense.

“I gave him the opportunity to script a lot of things we’re doing, handling all the scheduling,” Rivera said according to Pro Football Talk. “That’s why things are different, that’s why we’re not on the field already, because of some of the things he wanted to change and wanted to work on.”

Rivera also made it clear that the assistant head coach title is not just a title for the sake of giving him a title.

“I don’t believe you give the assistant head coach title and it’s gratuitous,” Rivera said. “It’s not just a title. It’s a working title. He’s doing those things and he’s got those responsibilities, and I think he relishes it. He’s one of those guys who very few people are going to out-work.”

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