Rex Ryan laughing at Dave Gettleman's comments.

A whole lot of people were making jokes about the New York Giants drafting Duke quarterback Daniel Jones Thursday night, and the laughter carried all the way to ESPN’s set Friday after general manager Dave Gettleman’s attempt to explain the pick. First, Gettleman said Jones might sit for three years behind 38-year-old Eli Manning. And later ESPN showed a clip of Gettleman responding to a question with “Who knows? I may go out there in my car and get hit! You don’t know, Sal! You don’t know! We drafted a quarterback that we believe is a franchise quarterback.” And that, combined with Giants’ head coach Pat Shurmur’s dour expression in the same frame, led to ESPN’s NFL Live panel cracking up, with analyst Rex Ryan finding it particularly funny:

The combination of the way Gettleman says “I may go out there in mah cah and get hit!” and the way Shurmur just looks on in apparent dismay is quite funny, and it’s definitely understandable why Ryan and the rest of the panel here cracked up. But it’s still pretty unusual to see an analyst like Ryan collapsing from laughter and slapping a table after a GM’s attempt to explain why he took someone sixth overall.


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