C.J. Stroud Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In an attempt to get some much-needed pass protection for starting quarterback Daniel Jones, the New York Giants selected former Alabama Crimson Tide offensive tackle Evan Neal with the No. 7 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft. Neal emerged as a first-year starter for the Giants, but he’s missed the past three games with a knee injury.

Even though Evan Neal returned to the practice field last week, it’s still unclear whether he will be able to return to game action this week. But Neal said that he’s not frustrated, he’s just making sure he’s “100 percent ready” after his injury.

“I wouldn’t call it frustration,” Neal said, according to the New York Giants team website. “I’m just making sure that whenever I do go out there, I’m 100 percent ready to go. I really don’t want to leave a stone unturned and make a premature decision and something bad happen. So, just making sure I’m crossing every ‘T’ and dotting the ‘I’s, pretty much.”

If Neal is able to return to the team this week, the Giants will certainly be pleased to have him as the team takes on a dangerous Dallas Cowboys pass rush led by star linebacker and pass rusher Micah Parsons.

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