Even Marty Mornhinweg’s wife is second-guessing his play calling as Ravens OC

"She's usually right. She's been through it."

The Baltimore Ravens currently sit at 8-6 overall and are in second place in the AFC North. On offense, the Ravens aren’t that bad, Baltimore has the 8th most points scored in the NFL as a whole and 4th most in the AFC specifically.

But this past weekend, the Ravens made some questionable decisions on offense in a 27-10 win over the Cleveland Browns.

There were two plays specifically that stuck out when it came to questionable play-calling on offense. Both times quarterback Joe Flacco ran in the red zone, he got vastly different outcomes. One time he was hit hard and stopped and the other time he scored a touchdown without being touched.

“Well, the one didn’t work. So, that wasn’t good strategy,” offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said. “The other one worked. So, it was good strategy.”

But according to ESPN, there’s a little more to it than that as Mornhinweg explained.

The offensive coordinator elaborated and said he understood why people criticized him. He also admitted that he wasn’t just getting an earful from fans and the media.

“My wife, when I first met her, she knew zero, nothing about the game,” Mornhinweg said. “Now, we’ll be in the car or she’ll text and go, ‘Why didn’t you just sneak it? Why didn’t you just throw it to the tight ends in the back corner of the end zone?’ Yeah, OK, every play, we’ll just do that. She knows just enough to be sort of dangerous right now.”

Mornhinweg was then asked if she was ever correct. His response was great.

“She’s usually right,” Mornhinweg said. “She’s been through it.”

You have to give Mornhinweg’s wife, Lindsay, credit as she’s gone from not knowing anything about football to out-smarting an offensive coordinator.

The thing is though, while she’s right in this instance, Marty is right a lot too. During Weeks 13 and 14, Baltimore scored eight touchdowns inside the red zone on nine drives. As stated earlier, Mornhinweg has led Baltimore’s offense to the fourth most points in the AFC so far this season.

Of course Week 15 was different. The Ravens scored once on its three drives inside the 20. But don’t worry, Mornhinweg heard about it when he spoke to his wife.


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