After a stint with the Detroit Lions, defensive end Everson Griffen has made it known over the past few days his desire to return to the Minnesota Vikings. Griffen played with the team in purple the first 10 years of his career and is looking to return after being away for the 2020 season.

How he’s going about with that might’ve hit a rough patch after Griffen took a stiff shot at Vikings starting quarterback Kirk Cousins. In a now deleted Twitter thread, Griffen said that “Kirk Cousins is ass” and told people to “Ask [Mike] ZIMMER if he wanted Kirk?????”

After that, Griffen deleted the thread and put up a new post apologizing for what happened.

Credit to Griffen for not going the “I was hacked” route and accepted that he posted something he shouldn’t have.

How this impacts Griffen’s chances of returning to Minnesota remains to be seen. This probably didn’t help matters but that may not mean the door is completely shut either.

For one thing, let’s get over the idea that everyone on every team likes each other. With 53 players plus coaches plus front office staff, there’s going to be some internal turmoil on even the best teams; it’s just something the general public typically isn’t aware of. If the Vikings were to sign Griffen, they would be confident that Griffen would not only improve the team but that he and Cousins would be able to co-exist for the benefit of the team. And as long as that’s the case, there’s still hope Griffen will be back in Minnesota playing for the Vikings.

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