Seeing someone returning a punt for a touchdown in the NFL is rather uncommon. Last season, there were 13 punt returns taken to the end zone so that would average out to less than one per week.

In just the first half of the opening slate of today’s NFL games, there were three punts returned for touchdowns.

First, Jamison Crowder went right through the middle of the Ravens kick team as he went 85 yards to put the Redskins level at 7-7.

Next, Jakeem Grant did the same thing for the Dolphins as Crowder did and put them tied with the Titans 7-7 after returning his punt 74 yards.

Finally, Marcus Sherels went 79 yards for his touchdown to put the Vikings up 24-0 over the Texans.

We have seen three punt returns for touchdowns already, are we going to see more of the same the rest of today?

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