The Minnesota Vikings and New Orleans Saints have a playoff history that tends to lead to arguments.

In 2009, the Vikings were looking to coronate Brett Favre with one more Super Bowl but a controversial no-call in overtime helped the Saints win that game and eventually the Super Bowl. Last season saw The Minneapolis Miracle happen, shocking the Saints and sending the Vikings to the NFC Championship.

They met again on Sunday for the chance to advance to the NFC Divisional Round of the playoffs. While the Saints were heavily favored, coming in with a 13-3 regular-season record, the Vikings effectively shut down Drew Brees for most the game and 20-10 lead into the 4th quarter, hoping to spoil the Saints’ season once more. However, it’s been a long, strange trip for both teams on the day and a particularly angry trip at that.

On the Vikings side, receiver Stefon Diggs was particularly upset after not getting targeted for over two quarters by Kirk Cousins. He started out by taking his frustrations out on Saints defenders but it eventually boiled over to Diggs throwing his helmet on the sideline to make sure his displeasure was known.

Diggs was eventually targeted with a little under five minutes to go in the third quarter. His nine-yard reception helped set up a touchdown, so all’s well that ends well?

On the defensive side of the ball, both teams had some flare-ups on the sidelines over breakdowns. Xavier Rhodes and Harrison Smith were seen visibly frustrated with one another on the Vikings sideline.

Meanwhile, the Saints’ defense were even more frustrated. New Orleans DB Marshon Lattimore had to be separated on the sidelines from DB coach Aaron Glenn following a big play that he’d given up. His teammates had to pull Lattimore away to avoid anything escalating.

Meanwhile, with the Vikings controlling most of the game and seemingly pulling away 20-10 in the 4th quarter, Saints fans got in on the action during Minnesota’s extra point kick.

Not sure how this one is gonna end (the Saints are back in it, down 20-17 late in the 4th), but if you’re in the Superdome vicinity, best to just keep your head down no matter what happens. It’s gonna be testy out there for a while.


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