Last week during Sunday Night Football, Dallas Cowboys’ quarterback Dak Prescott was shown during warmups doing a hip-thrusting exercise that is probably very good for his flexibility but was also pretty hilarious to see out of context. And as the internet is want to do, it became a meme pretty much instantly.

The moves were so trendy that some of the NFL’s other players ended up getting in on that hip-thrusting action.

That might have been it but in the post-modern NFL world where touchdown celebrations have become whole routines unto themselves, leave it to one of Dak’s teammates to complete the circle.

During Sunday’s game against the Detroit Lions, Prescott hit Ezekiel Elliott on a screen pass and the running back took it all the way to the house for a touchdown. The score gave the Cowboys a solid lead in the second half and Zeke decided to celebrate the best way he knew how…by breaking out the Dak Dance.

The Cowboys held on to win the game 35-27. And who knows, if they end up making a run, the Dak Dance could end up joining the Super Bowl Shuffle and Icky Shuffle in the pantheon of iconic (but terribly dated) NFL dances. Of course, we might also be in for a whole lot of old white guys on NFL studio shows attempting their own versions, at which point the entire exercise will be moot.

We’re guessing Dak would prefer to be known for other things, but you take what you can get.


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