Ezekiel Elliott

Back in 2016, the Dallas Cowboys used the No. 4 overall pick on a running back, selecting former Ohio State Buckeyes star Ezekiel Elliott. But even though the Cowboys made that pick back then, it sounds like they’d be unwilling to do the same in the future.

This week, Dallas Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones was asked about the potential of drafting another running back in the first round, and he seemed to indicate that they might be willing to do it at the end of the first round, but likely not the beginning.

“I think it depends on what part of the first round,” Jones said. “If you’re up there in the top 10, it’s hard to take them there. You definitely, if you’re taking a player in the top half, you’re hoping you got a player that’s going to be here 10 years. And it’s tough for running backs to last 10 years. There’s not many Emmitt Smiths or guys that play that long.”

Jones revealed that the Cowboys don’t regret the pick, though he’s not sure they would make it again these days.

“Zeke obviously did an amazing job for us. He came in right away and was dominant and helped us win a lot of football games,” Jones said. “I don’t second-guess that one but it is hard for these guys to play 10 years at a real high level.”