Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott might not be getting prosecuted for domestic abuse charges, but the NFL’s investigation may lead to a punishment for an entirely different offense.

Drew Dawson of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports court documents obtained by the newspaper show a curious text exchange between the Dallas Cowboys running back and his ex-girlfriend, Tiffany Thompson.

“I know you’re stressed out, if you need me call me. Just do everything you can to pass your drug test tomorrow. You’ll be okay. I’m here for you”

To that, Elliott responded: “I’m gonna pass.”

In a subsequent text, Elliott wrote: “About to live in this sauna the next 24 hours.”

The texts might seem like a non-story, but Elliott was caught at a marijuana dispensary back in August, much to the chagrin of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. Marijuana is a banned substance in the NFL, despite its legalization in Colorado and Washington.

The conversation doesn’t reveal what drugs Elliott took if any at all, but it’s not a great sign the fourth overall pick tried to beat a drug test by living in a sauna. Elliott’s legal advisor, Frank C. Salzano called the texts a “non story,” which isn’t 100% true. As the Fort Worth Star-Telegram notes, players can be forced into the league’s substance abuse program without failing a drug test. Considering Elliott’s questionable texts and choices, it’s a likely possibility.

With all this negative publicity, Elliott probably yearns for the days when the biggest controversy surrounding him was wearing a crop top to an awards show. Elliott might need to follow Stephen A’s advice.

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