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Add FS1 host Chris Broussard to the list of people in sports media who were completely baffled by the Atlanta Falcons’ decision to select Washington Huskies quarterback Michael Penix, Jr. with their first-round pick in the 2024 NFL Draft.

Despite having just signed Kirk Cousins to a massive contract, the Falcons used their top pick on a 24-year-old quarterback who is dealing with an injury history and probably won’t see the field for them until he’s 26 or 27.

While a few people applauded the move, most seemed to see it as wild, disrespectful, and a waste of a first-round pick.

Broussard is in that latter group, telling his First Things First co-hosts that he wasn’t just shocked by the selection, he was downright flummoxed.

“I wasn’t shocked,” said Broussard. “I WAS FLUMMOXED! DUMBFOUNDED! WHAT!?!

“You shoulda known. If you wanted Michael Penix, you shoulda known 48 days ago that you loved Michael Penix. I get that you still had some processes to go through, but still, you coulda…he’s 24! 25 in a couple of weeks.”

Co-host Nick Wright then noted that the Falcons never even invited Penix, Jr. for a team workout, so they can’t even say they were blown away by their private meeting together.

“That doesn’t help them out in the public relations,” Broussard responded before explaining that this isn’t the same as when the Green Bay Packers drafted Jordan Love while Aaron Rodgers still had a few years ahead of him with the franchise.

Broussard also wondered if Penix really wants to sit behind Kirk Cousins for three years given his age. “I’d be ticked off if I were him,” he added.

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