Fan Combine

While being a football fan doesn’t necessarily require any athletic ability, there are certain tailgate games and activities that have become customary for fans at tailgates – whether it’s flip cup, beer pong, or cornhole. Well it looks like one group of friends is embracing those games in an incredibly unique way, and they’ve gone viral for it.

In a video that’s circulated throughout social media, a group of friends put together a sort of football fan combine, in reference to the famous NFL Scouting Combine ahead of the NFL Draft each year. However, the fan combine does not include the events you would normally see at the NFL combine. Instead, it includes games you’d expect to see at a local tailgate.

The events include flip cup, beer pong, a short football toss, cornhole, and a short sprint to finish out the circuit.

“Oh yeah, he’s burning, bro!” the cameraman says as the man finishes his combine run.

Apparently, this group of friends used the results of this fan combine to determine the draft order for their fantasy football league, presumably with the fastest combine time getting the highest draft pick.

But regardless of what it’s used for, this looks like a fun event for any group of football fans to participate in this fall.

[Chase Breedlove]