St Louis BattleHawks win due to XFL rules 4th and 15.

The first weekend of the revamped XFL took place on Saturday and Sunday, and their unique rules that differ greatly from the NFL produced an absolutely unreal comeback.

The St. Louis Battlehawks found themselves down 15-3 against the San Antonio Brahmas with just 1:30 left in the fourth quarter. However, former Alabama standout turned Battlehawks quarterback A.J. McCarron was able to complete a touchdown pass to make the score 15-9.

XFL rules allow teams to go for a “three-pointer” which is essentially an NFL two-point conversion from the ten-yard line. They went on to convert that attempt to make it a three-point game.


The Battlehawks then benefited once again from the XFL rules in a way that many fans marveled at. In the XFL, you can get the ball back after a touchdown if you attempt and convert a 4th-and-15 attempt.

McCarron was yet again able to make a huge conversion on this attempt, keeping their comeback hopes alive.

McCarron would then cap off the unbelievable comeback by scoring another touchdown with just 16 seconds remaining. This would be a lead they would not relinquish, going on to win 18-15

This comeback obviously wouldn’t have been possible without the 4th-and-15 rule. Many fans took notice of this, and some are even calling for this to potentially become a rule in the NFL one day.

It remains to be seen if the NFL will seriously consider this change. For now, it is certainly something that is intriguing and sets the XFL apart from other football leagues.

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