When it comes to Colin Kaepernick’s lack of a current roster spot, the popular explanation is to lay the blame at the feet of NFL owners who are blackballing him from the league. Reports were that the Ravens wanted to sign him, but it was vetoed by the owner. And NFL players have called out owners for their hypocrisy by continually giving second chances to people who have been convicted of domestic violence while Kaepernick sits for exercising his first amendment rights.

Well, an NFL owner has finally stepped out from the shadows to offer support (as limited as it might be) for Kaepernick.

Mike Dempsey from 1010 XL radio in Jacksonville asked Jaguars owner Shad Khan about whether or not he’d allow the team to sign Kaepernick if recommended by the football department. While Khan said he didn’t necessarily agree with Kaepernick’s stance, he wouldn’t have an issue with the quarterback wearing a Jaguars uniform.

That’s at least one hurdle covered. It’s refreshing to see an owner brave enough to publicly come out and support his football team getting better instead of hiding behind some fan mail like Giants owner John Mara.

Khan’s support could be best classified as tepid at best, but at least it’s something. It’s more than we’ve seen from other owners who have preferred to stay silent.

It’s funny because in his criticism of owners, Richard Sherman called out Jacksonville’s quarterback situation specifically asking why Blake Bortles is a better fit for a franchise than Kaepernick. Bortles looks on his way out in Jacksonville and with CHAD HENNE being the other option, why not take a shot on Kap if you’re the Jaguars? Clearly, you’re not going to win a Super Bowl this season with either Henne or Bortles.

Imagine all of the good will that you would gain and all of the jerseys you would sell with Kaepernick on your roster. And maybe most importantly of all, he may actually give you a better chance to win some games.


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