One of the (many) knocks on Dallas Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett is that he’s rather unemotional. That’s something that might work for Bill Belichick because he can back it up with Super Bowl rings, but fans want to see something out of Garrett beyond polite claps and thousand-yard stares when his team is struggling. They need to know he’s fired up.

Sunday, Cowboy fans got to see some of that emotion come out during the team’s game against the Green Bay Packers. The good news is that now we know there’s still a fire burning inside Jason. The bad news is that he got flagged for it.

Down to the Packers at home, Garrett was upset with a call on the field regarding an incomplete pass to Amari Cooper and immediately reached for his red challenge flag. Fired up over the indignity, he walked towards one of the referees and angrily threw his flag to the ground, making an obvious point while doing so. The referee decided to make a point back and threw a flag of his own, calling Garrett for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Garrett got the last laugh by winning the challenge. However, he had lost a previous challenge earlier on so, like so many things with Jason Garrett, it’s two steps forward, two steps back. Dallas did score a touchdown to cut into Green Bay’s lead but time is running out and Garrett is now out of challenges.

Garrett should also remember to take some of his own advice when it comes to challenge flag etiquette.

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