Don’t let the fur fool you, this tackling dog is ready for prime time.

An Instagram video has emerged, of a huge, white fluffy dog perfectly tackling a young kid after he catches a football. The dog does well, as he follows through on its tackle, goes for the chest and not the head, forces a fumble and recovers the ball.

Unnecessary ruff-ness. 🏈😱😂 #HighlightHub

A video posted by HighlightHub™ | Sports Videos (@highlighthub) on Dec 6, 2016 at 4:28pm PST

It’s the type of performance that multiple NFL teams could use.

The Cleveland Browns, for instance, could use the pups services. The Browns rank dead-last with 17 sacks. Adding the good boy to the lineup would not only keep fans in Cleveland interested in watching their unwatchably bad ‘football team,’ but also add more credence to the Dawg Pound nickname. It’s an idea with some bark.

How about the Tennessee Titans? The team has somehow accumulated zero forced fumbles in 2016 – while every other team (including the Browns) have amassed at least six. The beautiful doggo follows through on contact, so, he would add a new element to the Titans porous defensive line. Plus, it would probably bite any opposing players who tried to recover fumbles.

Conversely, why not make the rich, richer and let our tackling canine join up with the NFL sack leading Denver Broncos. Von Miller, Derek Wolfe (also a dog name!) and a majestic pup? That’s a fearsome defense.

Lastly, I’d suggest the star pupper line up for the Panthers or Bengals, for no other reason than to see a dog play for a team named after big cats. Now that’s progress.

At the very least, the dog can serve as the basis for a new Air Bud film.

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