As if allegedly running over multiple people with a car and forcing your way in to a home isn’t bad enough, former Dallas Cowboys player Joseph Randle faces a whole new set of issues after another arrest early Sunday morning.

Per a report, Randle was taken in to custody in Wichita, Kan. on a charge of failure to appear in court. He was taken in to Sedgwick County jail and booked around 1.a.m. and will face a $150,000 bond after missing a court date.

The former Cowboys running back spent less than four days out of jail after posting bond for a Feb. 21 incident involving him allegedly running over three people with his car and forcing entry in to a home.

According to reports, Randle is facing four counts of aggravated battery, and one count each of criminal threat, criminal damage to property and possession of marijuana in regards to that incident. However, it is still unclear exactly which court date and what charges he failed to appear in front of a judge for.

Randle, who was cut by the Cowboys this past fall, hasn’t be a stranger to jail or the criminal justice system before or since his release this fall. He has been arrested a total of six times over the past 18 months.

His legal issues aren’t just limited to the Wichita, Kan. area either, as the Dallas Morning News notes he was also arrested in Irving, Texas on a speeding in a school zone charge.

Randle was a fifth-round pick of the Cowboys in the 2013 NFL draft, and racked up 822 yards and 9 touchdowns as primarily a backup with the team. He was not signed by any other team after his release last fall.


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