The Jacksonville Jaguars are in the midst of a chaotic season, especially now that head coach Urban Meyer has been fired. They’ve lost six in a row, got beaten up by the lowly Houston Texans this past weekend, and are likely headed towards a season with only two or three wins.

Still, there are some decent pieces in place for the future. Trevor Lawrence is likely going to improve from his tough rookie season. James Robinson is a solid running back to build an offense around. Team chemistry is expected to be on the mend. And the team will likely have the No. 1 pick in the 2022 NFL Draft. And hey, their fans are finding ways to celebrate however they can.

The building blocks for a decent NFL franchise are there. But don’t tell that to ESPN analyst Mike Tannenbaum, who apparently thinks the Jaguars are a dynasty in the waiting.

The former New York Jets general manager appeared on Tuesday’s Get Up episode and referred to the head coaching vacancy in Jacksonville as “historically great.” So much so that he felt that the head coaching spot is better than the presumed Chicago Bears job that will open up when they fire Matt Nagy. And then, taking things to a ludicrous place, Tannenbaum said that the current situation in Jacksonville reminds him of when Steve Kerr became head coach of the Golden State Warriors in 2014.

“He had the foundation there, they made a couple of tweaks, and the rest is history,” Tannenbaum said. “This is a team that should be in the playoffs next year with a great young quarterback.”

Be sure to watch Jeff Saturday for the proper reaction to all of this.

First, the analogy doesn’t really work because the Warriors were a playoff team before Kerr got there, not arguably the worst team in the league. Second, saying that the Jaguars already have all the pieces in place to be a playoff team next year and turn into a championship dynasty is some bold, perhaps crazy, thinking. Third, the phrase “who was Steph Curry before Steve Kerr got there?” might be enough to put Tannenbaum in jail.

And you better believe NFL folks on social media were eager to point these things out.

The Jaguars should, in theory, be improved next season, especially if they play for a coach they like. But to think this team is on the cusp of becoming the new Patriots is wild on a level we didn’t know was possible.

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