LANDOVER, MD – DECEMBER 21: Fred Smoot #27 of the Washington Redskins is introduced before the game against the New York Giants during their game on December 21, 2009 at Fedex Field in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Former Washington Redskins cornerback Fred Smoot isn’t afraid to be himself. He made that perfectly clear when he hosted a Reddit AMA and allowed fans to ask him anything they pleased – except one thing.

Smoot, aside from football, is best known for being a key contributor to the Minnesota Vikings love boat scandal. He ultimately pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and being a public nuisance on a watercraft. Smoot stickied a comment letting it be known he wasn’t answering any questions about the love boat. (NSFW)


Smoot accurately predicted the Redskins would win nine games, and when a fan asked him how he knew he responded by saying he is “half these dudes daddy.”


Smoot wasn’t shy when asked who he thought was better between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, saying the latter is on the juice while the former is on the *cringes* Giselle juice.


While Smoot wasn’t talking about his own sex boat adventures, he did answer who he thought was the sex boat team of the playoffs. Capture3

He was also dishing out yo’ momma jokes in the year 2016.


He said “any 6-foot shifty white guy,” had the crispest routes he’s covered.


He answered a Johnny Manziel question, saying the Cleveland QB is going to have a lot of fun when he isn’t playing anymore and that you don’t recover from a bad rap.


Smoot also said he banged all the wives of the current Real Husbands of Hollywood cast, and that he only dates married women.


Smoot is one unfiltered dude. Can he get a reality show, please?

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