Last month, several players were suspended by the NFL for violating the league’s gambling policy, and now it appears that we know how the NFL was informed of the violations.

According to an email that the NFL Players Association sent to all agents that was obtained by Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, it appears that gambling apps are informing the NFL of the violations

“I am sure all of you have seen the recent suspensions of players that resulted from violations of the NFL Gambling Policy (which is unilaterally imposed by the NFL and not collectively bargained),” the email to all contract advisors, a copy of which PFT has obtained, explains. “These recent violations involved players placing bets using mobile apps on their phone while at work or while traveling with their teams. This is a violation of the NFL’s Gambling Policy.

“During the NFL’s investigations we have learned that these apps (like FanDuel) are highly sensitive and very sophisticated at tracking, among other things, user location to be sure that the people using the app are not ‘prohibited gamblers’ and/or that the person using the app is in a location where they are allowed to place bets on the app. We have confirmed that some states monitor/audit FanDuel and the other gambling apps to ensure that the companies are in compliance with state law. Further the apps monitor gambler activity. It was as part of that monitoring that the NFL learned of the players using the apps at work in violation of NFL rules. At no time should players open or use any mobile gambling app while at work.”

It’s clear that players should avoid using those apps while at the team facilities or traveling with the team.

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