Last week, several players were hit with suspensions by the league office for violating the NFL’s gambling policy. This came after veteran wide receiver Calvin Ridley was suspended all of last season for a similar violation. These violations continue to be a problem, and NFL teams are addressing it.

According to a report from Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, teams across the NFL are currently re-evaluating the way that they educate their player about the league’s gambling policy.

“Per multiple sources, it’s causing other teams to revisit their in-house procedures, and to reiterate the rules. Although great pains are taken every year, in the form of a standalone seminar, to educate the players on the gambling policy and its mandates and prohibitions, the latest suspensions show that more work can be done to avoid a situation in which players are not being available to play due to violations of the bright-line rules of the gambling policy.”

As sports gambling becomes a bigger and bigger part of sports and the NFL, this is going to continue to be a problem that teams will have to figure out the best way to deal with in the coming years.

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