The Giants and the Bears are playing a pretty boring game in Chicago today, unless you’re able to find the entertaining aspects inherent to most incompetence.

Sometimes those aspects are more obvious than other times, as we saw when the Giants sent Aldrick Rosas out for a 42-yard field goal attempt. Kicking at Soldier Field is never easy (though it’s definitely not as hard as the Bears have made it look these past few years), and Rosas has struggled this season, missing kicks in four consecutive games. Still, it’s downright impossible when the snap looks like this.

Honestly, it’s shocking he came as close as he did to making it considering how bad that effort was from Giants long snapper Zack DeOssie. Plenty of credit should go to Riley Dixon on the hold, though the timing was certainly blown up when the snap takes a few hops and skips to get there.

Later in the half, Rosas went out for a 43-yard attempt and once again failed to convert, though this time it seemed more on him.

As both these teams have showed, having a weak kicking game in the modern NFL is not a great recipe for overall success, considering how strong the level of kicking has gotten league-wide.

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