A lot went wrong for the Giants on Monday, but one play sums the team's struggles up better than any other. Photo Credit: ESPN One play from Monday’s loss to the Seahawks shows how significant the Giants offensive line struggles are. Photo Credit: ESPN

The New York Giants were humiliated on Monday night, losing 24-3 to the Giants. Quarterback Daniel Jones was bad, throwing two picks and losing a fumble, but getting sacked 11 times, he also didn’t have much of a chance.

And one play perfectly sums up why.

Trailing 21-3 in the fourth quarter, the Giants were in pass mode. With the team close to midfield, Jones threw his second interception of the night.

Jones’ throw was rushed, as he was facing Derick Hall, Seattle’s hard-charging linebacker.

When a team is trailing big, its opponent knows to expect the pass. So the pass rushers are in full attack mode. As such, it’s hard to put too much blame on the offensive line when things like that happen. But this was different. And a closer look shows why.

Knowing the Seahawks were going to be aggressively rushing Jones, Darren Waller stayed into block. Hall was his man and Waller did a decent job — at least for a while. But when Evan Neal came and shoved Waller in the back, it simultaneously took Waller out of the play and freed Hall.

Some of you may be wondering why Neal wasn’t penalized. Most of you, though, have probably figured it out. Neal wasn’t penalized on the play because Neal, like Waller, plays for the Giants.

As one might expect, a right tackle shoving his own tight end away from a block drew some commentary.

Film session might not be particularly kind to Neal.

[Doug Rush, Photo Credit: ESPN]

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