Jonathan Casillas

Jonathan Casillas of the New York Giants was not-so-randomly selected for a league-mandated drug test, and he seems to know why. An image posted on his Instagram account with what he claims to have been a rolled cigar caught the eye of the NFL offices, and now he is being tested by the league.

Casillas posted an image of himself riding an ATV while visiting the Dominican Republic recently for a friend’s wedding. In the same photo, Casillas is seen holding a “Hand rolled Dominican cigar,” with hashtags of #iknowitlookslikeablunt and #iprobablyshouldnthavepostedthis, admitting the image looks a little more alarming and suspicious than he intended. But, of course, he posted the image anyway and now the NFL wants to check to make sure there was nothing in violation of the league’s drug policy connected to this.

The timing of the drug testing was not so veiled. Casillas was notified the next day after posting the image on Instagram he had been randomly selected for an offseason drug test. Way to hide your cards there, NFL.

Random lol, what a coincidence (see previous post) ??‍♂️

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There is always a chance this actually is a random drug test, but the NFL should not hide behind the “random drug test” excuse if they have reason to believe a player may be in violation of the league’s drug policies. If a player posts something that looks suspicious and mocks the image in his caption, then he is leaving the door wide open for the league come knocking and the league should just come out and say it.

We saw your photo. We have questions. We’re testing you.

We’ll see how the drug test results come back, but if the NFL finds Casillas to be in violation of the drug policy, then let this be another lesson in social media etiquette for all athletes. If your image looks shady, don’t post it.


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