Last week, New York Giants head coach Joe Judge went on an 11-minute rant about how the organization is “not a clown show” and that despite the team’s pitiful record under his watch, things are way better than they seem.

Sunday, the Giants ran a football play that seemed at odds with all of that.

Trailing 3-0 in the middle of the second quarter in a game with little stakes against the Washington Football Team, the Giants found themselves facing 3rd and 9 from their own four-yard line. Since there’s really nothing for the 4-12 team to lose at this point, you’d assume they’d try to air it out or, at least, attempt a play that gives them a chance to earn a first down.,

Instead, the Giants lined up as if they were going to run a quarterback sneak, which would be absurd, and then they actually did it.

Again, in a game that does not matter, at a time when no one believes in your football team and you have made it clear that they are wrong, your decision was to literally run a play that will not work on purpose so that you can maybe get another yard of safety on your punt.

It goes without saying that NFL Twitter had some thoughts on the matter.

It was also pointed out that this was the second in back-to-back quarterback sneaks. As in, the Giants essentially just gave up on the entire drive from the start.

We are very much looking forward to Judge’s reasoning behind this after the game. Grab your popcorn and your medium sodas now.

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