For the past few months, it seemed like Gisele Bündchen was doing everything she could to save her marriage with Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady. She reportedly agreed to some compromises as Brady returned to the NFL this year and seemed quite explicit about her expectations and seemed to be willing to make amends. But a new report reveals that Gisele appeared to be looking toward divorce for quite a long time.

According to a recent report from Page Six, Gisele recently purchased a massive new $11.5 million Miami Beach House that is right across the pond from Tom Brady’s home.

But in a shocking turn of events, she has reportedly been looking at houses in the area long before their divorce had been finalized. In fact, she had been exploring moving out since before Brady took his mysterious 11-day absence, which sparked all the divorce speculation.

“Gisele was actively looking at homes in Miami Beach even before Tom took his break from the NFL, which indicates that she was already done with the marriage and moving on,” a source tells Page Six.

So while both parties respond to the divorce, it looks like this separation was not a surprise to Gisele after all.

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