The Giants made most of the headlines today before and during their game against the Carolina Panthers, with Odell Beckham’s pregame interview and first half highlights (and lowlights) stealing the spotlight. The Giants then came back against the Panthers in the second half, ending up with a 31-30 lead and very little time remaining.

The Panthers, though, had Graham Gano, and while his previous career-long field goal was 59 yards, Carolina sent him out for a potential game-winner from 63, which led to this:

That’s an astounding effort from Gano, and it was a historic one:

There were a few other walk-off field goal wins today too, with the Bills beating the Titans 13-12 as one of them. But perhaps the most on-brand performance of the day: Cleveland going to overtime against the Ravens tied 9-9. The Browns have already had one tie this year, and another seemed very possible, but they moved into field goal range with seconds remaining to set up rookie Greg Joseph for an attempt at a game-winner.

Had it all the way!

That was on the exact opposite end of the game-winning field goal spectrum from Gano’s kick, but both of them were worth three points, and both of them won the game.

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