Green Bay Packers' ayahuasca touchdown celebration [Saturday Night Football]

The Green Bay Packers honored future Hall of Fame quarterback Aaron Rodgers on Sunday Night Football with a touchdown celebration against NFC North rivals the Chicago Bears.

During the second quarter, Rodgers found Packers wide receiver Allen Lazard for a five-yard touchdown reception with 32 seconds left in the quarter.

For the celebration, Lazard pretended to pour a drink from the football into the hands of his teammates. The players fell to the ground as Rodgers joined them in the end zone.

“Best celebration of the season,” tweeted Andrew Perloff. “Thank you, Twitter, for pointing out it’s ayahuasca.”

The celebration appears to be a nod to Rodgers admitting to doing ayahuasca, a psychedelic tea featuring DMT, while traveling in Peru in 2020.  Rodgers has credited the elixir in past interviews for aiding performance on the field and its overall mental health benefits.

The NFL world reacted in typical fashion:

Podcast host Joe Rogan “would be proud if he watched football,” noted one Twitter user.

“Missed this in the moment last night,” said Bears beat reporter Patrick Finley.

“It’s fine for the whole Packers offense to promote ayahuasca, but I’m not allowed to drink at my nephew’s baseball game anymore?” joked another user.

“And Rodgers capped it off by making the all-seeing eye hand sign with a fellow ‘spiritualist.’ Goated annoying sports guy. Kyrie Irving wishes,” said A.A. Ron Woolf.

“Meanwhile, Josh Gordon’s entire career has been impacted by the same drug use that Rodgers gets to just do… for some reason? I know it’s skin color but my god, NFL, at least TRY to pretend to care about this.”

The Packers defeated the Bears, 27-10, to move to 1-1 on the season.

[Image via Saturday Night Football]