With the 2016 NFL Draft complete, EA Sports has given us a first look at the ratings that the rookies will have through the Madden Ultimate Team (MUT). It also gave us a look at how some of these guys will look in their new team’s uniforms.

The top five picks obviously have the best ratings. They are all rated 84, and have a “Future Elite” rating of 95.

1. QB Jared Goff (Rams)
2. QB Carson Wentz (Eagles)
3. DE Joey Bosa (Chargers)
4. RB Ezekiel Elliott (Cowboys)
5. CB Jalen Ramsey (Jaguars)

Goff has the advantage over Wentz in ratings, with a 93 Throw Power, 91 Throw Accuracy Deep, 89 Throw Accuracy Medium, 92 Throw Accuracy Short. Wentz on the other hand, has 93 Throw Power, 87 Throw Accuracy Deep, 89 Throw Accuracy Medium, 91 Throw Accuracy Short.

Former Buckeyes Joey Bosa and Ezekiel Elliott should be a pair of immediate impact rookies in the game, especially Elliott. Elliott boasts a 93 Speed, 94 Agility, 95 Acceleration, 90 Carrying, 87 Trucking and 84 Ball Carrier Vision. If you’re a Cowboys fan and a Madden franchise fan, you should enjoy this new addition to your squad.

The next five picks all hold an 83 rating, and a 94 “Future Elite” rating.

6. LT Ronnie Stanley (Ravens)
7. DE DeForest Buckner (49ers)
8. OT Jack Conklin (Titans)
9. OLB Leonard Floyd (Bears)
10. CB Eli Apple (Giants)

Bears fans will enjoy making use of Leonard Floyd, who has an 87 pursuit, 89 speed, and 91 acceleration rating. If defensive backs are more your flavor, Giants rookie Eli Apple is for you. Apple has a 90 man coverage, 84 zone coverage, 87 press, and 94 speed and acceleration rating.

The 11-15th picks have an 82 rating, and a 93 “Future Elite” rating.

11. CB Vernon Hargreaves III (Bucs)
12. DT Sheldon Rankins (Saints)
13. OT Laremy Tunsil (Dolphins)
14. S Karl Joseph (Raiders)
15. WR Corey Coleman (Browns)

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