Rex Ryan

Rex Ryan had quite an eventful weekend in Nashville. He spent the first part of Sunday sweet talking members of a bachelorette party (and yes, feet were a main topic of conversation there). Then he got into a bar fight with his twin brother Rob — the two have been out of football this offseason after getting fired from Buffalo together (although Rex recently signed a deal to be an NFL analyst on ESPN).

Now we have some more info on that bar fight. An initial report stated the scuffle began when a random guy spilled his drink on Rex. It turns out the situation unfolded in the exact opposite way as TMZ shared new video on Friday of Rex getting bumped and spilling his drink onto bar patron Matt Havel.

Havel has accused Rex and Rob of assault in a police report, and Nashville cops are now investigating the fight. In that video, you don’t get to see exactly what happens after Rex spills his drink on Havel, but from the original Snapchat clip you can get a pretty good idea of how much the altercation escalated.


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