Husain Abdullah

Former Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah has announced his retirement from the NFL today.

The 30-year-old spent seven seasons split between the Chiefs and the Minnesota Vikings. He said on his Instagram page his personal health was the biggest reason he retired. Abdullah has suffered multiple concussions over his career and said he wants to move on with a sound mind.

There are numerous deciding factors in my decision, with personal health being foremost. Sitting for five weeks last year after suffering the fifth concussion of my career, I had a lot to contemplate. My goals moving forward are to be of benefit to my family, my community, my country and hopefully the world. Having a sound mind will be vital in accomplishing these goals.
Thank you to everyone I’ve crossed paths with during my time as a player. You’ve had an impact on my life for the better. Thanks for the love and support. It’s greatly appreciated. #chiefskingdom  #Peace✌🏿️

Abdullah missed the entire 2012 season after a season-ending concussion in 2011, opting to take a year off to go on a pilgrimage to Mecca.

Last season with the Chiefs, Abdullah made 11 appearances, posting 24 tackles. His best season came in 2014 when he started all 16 games for Kansas City, totaling 58 tackles and an interception returned for a touchdown. He wasn’t a Pro Bowl caliber player, but Abdullah put together a good career and was a worthy starter in the league for several years.

With more and more information coming out on the negative long-term effects of concussions, athletes with concussion histories like Abdullah are justifiably calling it quits. Brain injuries are serious and living with a serious one can severely cripple one’s life. Abdullah got out before any more damage could be caused, and its hard to blame him for doing so.


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