The Kansas City Chiefs demolished the Denver Broncos 33-10 on Christmas night, but the best the hit of the night was made by none other than one of the Arrowhead Stadium security personnel.

With the Chiefs driving late in the third quarter, one idiot decided he need to be on the field, and play was momentarily stopped so he could be dealt with. You could actually see him start his run on the NBC feed, but the cameras cut away before the chase was resolved. Luckily for us, one fan whipped his phone out in time to record the denouement, and what a finish it was.

The NBC feed is still worth checking out though, if only for the call from Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth.

Turns out, when these guys aren’t otherwise occupied, they can actually bring the pain.

The hit was so good that even the Chiefs secondary took notice.

The closing speed that guard demonstrated was really next level stuff. The Chiefs might want to give him a tryout.

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