As if the city of Philadelphia did not already have a strong enough reason to hope their Eagles win the Super Bowl, Bud Light is giving them one more reason. Following up on a promise to offensive lineman Lane Johnson, Bud Light says it will provide the beer for the city of Philadelphia if the Eagles topple the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LII.

The origin of the free beer promise goes back to training camp. Johnson made his own promise to Eagles fans to supply the beer for the party if the Eagles won it all this season. It was just one of those fun little quotes that got picked up from training camp. Because who in their right mind thought Johnson would actually be on the hook to pick up the tab for a Super Bowl celebration?

Heh, well, about that…

Somebody from the Bud Light social media team caught wind of Johnson’s free beer promise and decided to take advantage of the marketing opportunity dropped in their laps by saying they would provide the beer.

Low and behold, the Cowboys and Giants both stumbled, the Eagles ran through the NFC East and took the top spot in the NFC playoff field and, despite losing MVP-worthy Carson Wentz, have reached the Super Bowl.

All that separates Bud Light form having to roll the beer trucks through Philly for a party for the ages is a win in the Super Bowl against the greatest franchise of the past 15 years with arguably the best coach and best quarterback of all time. Bud Light can probably still feel pretty good about not having to supply all that beer to Philly fans in a couple of weeks, but after watching the Eagles shred the NFL’s best defense in the NFC Championship Game, it may be best to start planning ahead just in case.

“Bud Light has not forgotten about our commitment to Lane Johnson, the Eagles and the city of Philadelphia. We will be sharing plans soon, but in the interest of not jinxing the team ahead of their upcoming games, we are not going to unveil any plans at this time,” a spokesperson told CBS Philly. “We wish the Eagles the best of luck this weekend.”

Dilly, dilly indeed, or as they say in Philly…

Philly, Philly! (And can we please be done with this whole “Dilly, Dilly” fad already?)

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