Trailing the Houston Texans 13-9 with no time left on the clock, the Cincinnati Bengals tried to put together their version of California’s miracle play against Stanford in 1982. The Bengals had a series of laterals working as they tried to move down the field, and it actually seemed they may really have something developing… until J.J. Watt entered the picture.

Cincinnati offensive lineman Russell Bodine caught a lateral toss, and was immediately destroyed with a form tackle from Watt. Cris Collinsworth’s laughter and “Game Overrrrrrrrrr” commentary here were also great:

A “Band on the Field” miracle attempt from the Bengals denied by Watt. And that tackle was on a 308-pound center!

It was a fitting way for the game to end after the incredible work Watt has done for the city of Houston in raising $33.8 million for Hurricane Harvey relief efforts. Rich Eisen and the NFL Network crew spoke with Watt about the relief efforts after Thursday night’s game:

[NFL Network]

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2 thoughts on “J.J. Watt ends TNF game — & a wild series of laterals — with a crushing hit on an offensive lineman

  1. It was an all right hit, nothing spectacular and nothing to be made a big deal out of. I am a Watt fan, too.

  2. Wishes he was Saved by the Bell’s Zach Morris? Shouldn’t you be writing about decorating or the ballet?

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