To say that things have not gone well for the Jacksonville Jaguars so far this NFL season would be an understatement. Urban Meyer has gotten the full “Welcome to the NFL” treatment and things aren’t letting up.

The Jags dropped to 0-4 on the season on Thursday night thanks to an Evan McPherson field goal with time expiring to give the Cincinnati Bengals a 24-21 win. Unlike the season-opener when the Jaguars got crushed, they actually led for much of this game and the Bengals only took the lead in the final seconds as they walked away with the victory.

Meyer and quarterback Trevor Lawrence are doing their best to think positively but it’s clearly going to be a long road ahead for Jacksonville this season. The problem for Meyer is that he isn’t exactly the kind of personality that people feel bad for. In fact, there are quite a few football fans out there taking a lot of pleasure in watching him lose over and over.

The Jaguars have now lost 19 in a row dating back to last season and there are plenty of people wondering if that streak is going to just keep going and going. In case you’re wondering, the post-merger NFL record is 26 (Tampa Bay).

In the meantime, there were plenty of reactions on Twitter to Jacksonville’s heartbreaking loss and what it might mean for Meyer & Co. There are also plenty of jokes about Meyer potentially getting out of town sooner than later.

Good luck the rest of the season, Jacksonville. Looks like you’re gonna needs it.

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