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Sunday night’s Super Bowl LVII matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Philadelphia Eagles had a somewhat controversial ending when Eagles defensive back James Bradberry was called for defensive holding in the final moments of the game, setting up a short game-winning field goal for the Chiefs. And while plenty in the NFL world blasted the call in such a big moment, Bradberry did not criticize the officials, taking full responsibility himself.

After the game, James Bradberry revealed that he thought it was the correct call, admitting that he grabbed the jersey of Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Juju Smith-Schuster and simply hoped that the referees didn’t see it or decided not to call it.

It was a classy move from Bradberry to admit the penalty, and he explained himself why this week.

“I feel like I only had two options, really: I could take responsibility for it or I could blame it on someone else. I try not to live that way,” Bradberry said in an interview, according to Zach Berman of The Athletic. “It comes from my Mom or coaches in the past I’ve had, taking accountability.”

The NFL world certainly had plenty to say about Bradberry’s response to the difficult situation.

He may have made a big mistake, but he owned it. And it looks like it’s gained him a lot of respect around the league.

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