Jameson Williams

Detroit Lions fans will have to wait a little while longer to see rookie wide receiver Jameson Williams on the field. Although the rookie is reportedly on track in his recovery from an ACL injury, there has been no date set for his debut in a Lions uniform.

Lions general manager Brad Holmes talked about how Williams’s recovery is going so far, via Detroit Free-Press.

“He is on track, again, I’m not going to put out a hard date, but I will say, the weeks and weeks he’s strung together with his rehab, and he’s so gifted from a genetic standpoint,” he said, via MLive.com. “Once he keeps that consistency going, it actually could accelerate that return that we’re thinking. You got to be a little bit conservative and on the safer side when it comes to forecasts and those returns to play. But hopefully, he stays on track, and hopefully it’s sooner than later, but we’re going to continue to be smart with him. We’ve always said that from Day 1. . . . We’ve got to be smart because we didn’t make that move for him just for Year 1. This is a long-term investment.”

Williams injured his knee in Alabama‘s national championship game against the Georgia Bulldogs. Jameson was a big playmaker at Alabama last year, averaging about 20 yards per catch with 1,500 yards receiving and 15 touchdowns. So you can understand why the Lions are willing to wait on him to recover.

Most Lions fans agree that the team shouldn’t rush his recovery.

But some fans feel like it’s time for him to start.

In the end, it will be up to the Lions when they feel like Williams is ready to play.

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