Jared Goff Syndication: Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Lions finished the 2022 NFL season very strongly, going on a late-season winning streak that very nearly vaulted them into the playoffs. Still, veteran quarterback Jared Goff doesn’t think last year’s performance was enough to have other teams worried about the Lions.

During a press conference this week, Jared Goff was asked if he feels like the team has a little bit of a target on its back after how it performed at the end of last season. But given that the team still didn’t make the playoffs and didn’t compete for a title or championship of any kind, he doesn’t know why the Lions would be a target for anyone.

“I don’t think we have a bullseye,” Goff said according to NFL.com. “We missed the playoffs. Why would we have a bullseye? I mean, we’ve played better. We played better last year and have a lot of work to do still. But yeah, we’re a better team. We’ll get teams’ better shots, maybe. But we certainly have done a lot of things that have improved our chances and hopefully can give us a better chance this year.”

It may be brutal, but it’s also the truth. However, if the Lions come out and perform well this season, perhaps they will have a Bullseye on their back next season.