If you’re a sports fan, you probably have an opinion on Jay Cutler. If you’re a Bears fan, you definitely have an opinion on Jay Cutler.

The veteran quarterback has been nothing short of polarizing, although polarizing implies a sort of equal distribution on both extremes of the topic. Most people just don’t like him (for a variety of reasons that don’t tend to match up with reality, but that’s an entirely different post.)

All of that’s a lead-in for today’s news: the famously aloof Cutler has an Instagram account. Or, more accurately, his wife has started an Instagram account for him. There aren’t a ton of posts yet, but it’s thus far been a case of quality over quantity.

Here’s the debut, which actually dates back to last summer:

Living my best life

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Look how happy he is! Carefree Jay Cutler, the real man of the woods. At least (or unfortunately, depending upon your interests) he has pants on this time.

The account was silent until the end of January, when it came back with the perfect image: actually smoking Jay Cutler.

They call me #SmokingJay

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The nod to the meme is a nice example of how Cutler’s generally always had a solid sense of humor, regardless of how surly he occasionally came across on the sidelines.

Here he is in cowboy boots:

Only going coffee and cowboy boots from here on out.

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And, finally, the most recent picture, which might actually be the best one:

Cheers, bitches #throwbackthursday

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That’s a hell of an outfit. (I’d absolutely wear that shirt, too.)

That’s it so far! Hopefully there will be more throughout the year, whether Cutler is playing or broadcasting.

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