After a solid three months of retirement, Jay Cutler is back in the NFL, on a one-year deal from the Miami Dolphins.

Cutler, who gave up a cushy analyst job at Fox to get back on the field, held an introductory press conference Monday, and a few aspects of the event raised eyebrows.

The quarterback said (joked?) that he doesn’t need to be in “cardiovascular shape” to play quarterback…

He said his wife had to talk him into playing…

And he explained that his offseason preparation included throwing a football with his kids and playing basketball.

Oh and he generally looked as if he’d been taken hostage.

The image almost immediately become somewhat of a meme.

All of this is enough to make you think maybe Cutler shouldn’t have given up his broadcasting job, burned bridges at Fox and jumped into an NFL gig after an offseason of naked vacationing.

Ok, so we’re being a little bit harsh here. When you watch the six-minute press conference, Cutler seems enthusiastic, realistic and even kind of likable. It’s not his fault he has Resting Dejected Face.

Press conference facial expressions aside, this experiment still looks destined to fail. Last season the quarterback played only five games due to injury, throwing four touchdowns and five interceptions. Now he’s supposed to pop back into a uniform a month before the season begins and helm a playoff team? From Cutler’s perspective, that sounds unappealing. From the Dolphins’ perspective… you might rather just settle for Matt Moore.

On the bright side, at least everyone’s favorite punching bag QB will be around for another year?

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