Los Angeles Rams coach Jeff Fisher has definitely done some stupid things during his mediocre coaching career. He might have topped them all during a conference call with reporters who cover the New England Patriots Wednesday.

Fisher was asked about the Patriots’ three-headed running attack. While trying to do the typical coach praise of the opponents, Fisher had some trouble with the names of said running backs.

Here’s exactly what Fisher had to say.

“Well, they’re all different,” Fisher said. “I have a place in my heart for LeGarrette, because I gave him a start, and I have great respect for him. He’s a big back, and he’s hard to get down. And as they rotate through, different guys play in different situations, and they do a good job with it. He knows where the ball’s going to go, and the guys are very, very disciplined.

“I’ve been impressed with Brandon and what he’s done out of the backfield. You’ve got to deal with him, in addition to Danny. You’ve got playmakers all around, so we have to play sound defense.”

Fisher gets its right to start. But then it goes downhill from there. Brandon and Danny are definitely not the backs that work along with Blount. That would be James White and Dion Lewis. And the last running back named Danny the Patriots had was Danny Woodhead, who hasn’t played for them since 2012 and is currently on injured reserve with San Diego.

Running backs and Fisher have just not mixed lately. The L.A. coach is currently feuding with former Rams’ great Eric Dickerson and has apparently banned him from the sidelines.

This is all beside the fact that Rams are once again a mediocre 4-7. Maybe this is just a sign that Fisher knows he’s going to get canned sooner rather than later. Still, you’d think he’d bother watching opposing running backs and learning their names instead of feuding with a former running back.


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