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When the Indianapolis Colts lost their Week 12 game against the Pittsburgh Steelers on Monday night, one of the bigger issues was clock management — or lack thereof — on Indianapolis’ final offensive possession. In the immediate aftermath of that game, a past tweet from Colts coach, Jeff Saturday, resurfaced.

As an analyst during the 2021 season, Saturday sent a tweet, telling everyone that the following morning, he’d be discussing clock management on ESPN’s Get Up.

Now, 14 months later, Saturday’s own clock management is being questioned — and for good reason.

With Monday’s game fresh on everyone’s mind, NFL fans couldn’t help but comment on that tweet from last season.

Saturday’s hiring was controversial, for multiple reasons. But regardless of what one thinks of the hire, there’s an obvious risk to it. Saturday was an analyst before getting hired. Criticism is inevitable in that job. We saw this humorously manifest itself shortly after Saturday was hired, when a recent tweet of him criticizing the Las Vegas Raiders — his first opponent — resurfaced. That worked out well enough for Saturday and the Colts, who defeated the Raiders.

Saturday, for his part, said after the game that he wasn’t too concerned with the clock.

Despite his defense of the situation, this past tweet didn’t turn out nearly as well for the Get Up analyst turned interim coach. It will be interesting to see what other past criticisms resurface over the final weeks of the season.

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