Jeff Saturday Dec 26, 2022; Indianapolis, Indiana, USA; Jeff Saturday, Colts head coach, before action against the Los Angeles Chargers Monday, Dec. 26, 2022, at Lucas Oil Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Robert Scheer-USA TODAY Sports

Last month, the Indianapolis Colts made the quite surprising and very controversial decision to hire former star player Jeff Saturday as the team’s interim coach, leading to a ton of criticism from several different sources and even current NFL coaches. And it’s safe to say that it’s been an absolute disaster so far.

As one stat points out, Jeff Saturday has been absolutely terrible in fourth quarters.

“Colts have been outscored 62-0 in the 4Q last three games … and 90-9 since Jeff Saturday took over,” Colts reporter Gregg Doyel said in a Tweet.

“Leader of Men ™ …but only for three quarters,” Super Bowl champion offensive lineman Mitchell Schwartz said in a Tweet.

“WOOF,” NFL reporter Matt Verderame said in a Tweet.

“Thank goodness the Bengals games are broadcast in Southern Indiana. I have been spared the debacle of watching the Colts. What an epic collapse. I feel for the Colts players,” one Colts fan said on Twitter.

“Jeff Saturday out here trying to beat that traffic,” Radio producer John Lund said on Twitter.

“Making a splash is bad business. Colts hired him to tap into nostalgia of the Peyton years and for no other reason and you’re seeeing how that goes – the splash doesn’t work and now everyone forgets they ever wanted a splash,” brooklynsbeat said in a Tweet.

While the Colts maintain that Saturday will be a candidate for the full-time head coaching position, stats like this make that significantly less likely.

[Gregg Doyel]