Jeff Saturday Indianapolis Colts interim head coach Jeff Saturday takes the field Sunday, Jan. 8, 2023, before a game against the Houston Texans at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis.

In his stint as interim coach of the Indianapolis Colts, Jeff Saturday didn’t do very much to prove to anyone he’s the right guy for the job. That may not stop owner Jim Irsay from hiring him full-time as the head coach anyway.

Sunday during CBS’s NFL morning show, NFL insider Jonathan Jones reported that Saturday “could be the guy” at the end when the Colts decide on their next head coach.

That would probably not sit well with a lot of Colts fans and people around the NFL, especially as Black coaches struggle to keep their jobs longer than one season, let alone one as bad as Indy just did.

Saturday’s stint as an interim coach started well enough with a surprise victory over the Las Vegas Raiders, much to the delight of Irsay, who took a lot of flak over the move. However, after that, it was pretty much a disaster as the Colts ended the season with seven-straight losses, including a 54-19 thrashing by the Dallas Cowboys and a 38-10 drubbing by the New York Giants.

Suffice it to say, the rumor is going over very well.

I swear to God, you do this [Jim Irsay] I will NEVER forgive you & most Colt fans won’t either. This. Is. Insanity,” said Jason Spears.

Please [Colts] do not hire Jeff Saturday. He is by far the least qualified and likely worst HC candidate. I love this team. I’ve invested a lot of emotional and financial capital into supporting it. Hiring Jeff Saturday would shake my faith in the direction of the franchise,” said Stephen Reed.

Jim Irsay has been known to make some fairly unconventional decisions. Hiring Saturday full-time in spite of all the evidence that he’s not qualified would certainly fit the bill.

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