Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones on the ESPN Monday Night Football Countdown set at SoFi Stadium. Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Jones has been trying to make “all-in” a thing for the Dallas Cowboys regarding the 2024 NFL season.

However, the definition of “all-in” seems to have evolved, and people have noticed.

“We will be going all in. I would say that you will see us this coming year not build it for the future,” Jones told Cowboys beat writer Clarence Hill Jr. in January. By March, however, Jones had to admit that Dallas would have to do more with less as a result of a brutal salary cap situation, thanks, ironically, to the team going “all-in” in previous seasons. The Cowboys had a very quiet free agency period, which didn’t exactly jibe with going “all-in.” However, Jones has doubled and tripled down on his mantra for the season.

“All-in. All-in. All-in. We’re all-in with these young guys. We’re all-in with this draft,” Jones told reporters this week.

FS1 host Nick Wright thinks he understands what’s happening here.

“I think this word is overused and misused, but this is accurate here. I think Jerry Jones is gaslighting us, guys,” Wright said on Wednesday’s First Things First.

Wright explains that Jones continues to change the definition of what “all-in” means to deal with the shifting expectations and lack of fulfillment. He also thinks Jones is dealing with the fact that the Cowboys already went “all-in” and “have nothing to show for it.”

Things look bleak for the Cowboys and quarterback Dak Prescott, who has a huge contract with a no-trade clause and could lose him to free agency after this year due to their financial situation unless they figure out how to make a deal.

The only thing that might be “all-in” this season is Cowboys fans turning on Jerry Jones.

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