Jerry Jones

Most NFL teams – or teams in any sport, for that matter – enter a new season with unbridled optimism, but it seems Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones is taking it up a notch, to the point that people have no idea what he is even talking about.

In a radio interview with 105.3 The Fan on Tuesday, Jones offered an absolutely baffling, nonsensical analogy when discussing his sense of optimism for the upcoming season, saying he had to believe that “1 and 1 is 3.”

“I have to believe 1 and 1 is 3. I can’t operate where 1 and 1 is 2,” Jones said, according to RJ Ochoa. “Now we all know it is physically. But 3 is where you have to go. You have to have optimism to operate out in the world.”

If you’re lost and have no idea what Jones was even trying to say, you’re definitely not alone. When the NFL world got wind of this quote, it had plenty of fun with it on Twitter, blasting Jones for the meaningless stream of words and making predictions about what this means for the Cowboys’ upcoming season.

The Cowboys begin their 2022-23 season against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Sunday. Jones will learn quite quickly that the scoreboard doesn’t follow his optimistic math.

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